Private Amputee Coaching services was a vision born after experiencing my own life changing amputations. I would soon find, that I had a team to cheer me on , a winning play book, but no coach.


"Navigating your road to recovery by example, because at the end of every limb that is lost, is a person ready to take a new step." - #Msrobobarbie


During this life transition, was I was left searching for answers to understand the unknowns. Having the answers gave me the power and reassurance to take my first steps.


PAC provides amputee coaching, motivational therapy, family support and re-education, for individuals and their families.  Let me answer your questions, and connect you to the resources you need to live your best life after limb loss!




Hello, my name is Adria Twyman. Some call me Nikki others call me Ms. Robo Barbie. In March 2003, While completing a haircut service for one of my sick and shut in clients, I was bitten by a poisonous spider. The brown recluse had gotten trapped in my clothes and bit me four times. As a result of the spider bites, the area around the bite became infected. That area then developed a Staph infection, which quickly sent my body into septic.


As a result of the septic shock, I suffered amputations of both legs and part of my left hand. I woke up from a long coma, a new amputee.  Right AK left BK and partial left hand.


Today I work full time. I live to be a mother of three, mentor to amputees, role model and friend. I love working with people in need of encouragement. It is my mission to help you “Move past your Amputation to Motivation,  whether you walk bump or roll”, which is why Private Amputee Coaching Services teamed up with the Ambitious Amputee to make a difference in the lives of amputees everywhere.




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